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SoluJET® 2780K Solvent ink for non-porous media


SoluJET® 2780K black solvent TIJ 2.5 ink is designed for track and trace coding and marking
and other high-productivity industrial packaging printing applications.
SoluJET® 2780K ink provides excellent adhesion and rub resistance, long decap time, excellent optical density, sharpness and barcode readability on semi-porous and non-porous substrates such as PET, PVC, PA, BOPP and foils. (1)

Technical Specifications

Ink type: Black dye solvent ink
Print cartridge type: HP 45si
Resolution: Up to 600 dpi, recommended 300 × 300 dpi
Nozzle count: 300
Print swath: 12.7 mm
Firing voltage: 8.6 V
Fire pulse width: 2.0 µs
Pulse warming: OFF
Decap time: Up to 1 h
Drying time: 1 - 3 s at 300 × 300 dpi
Throw distance: Up to 5 mm, recommended 3 mm
Average delivered ink: 36 mL (vertical)
Average drop volume: 34 pL
Operating conditions: 15 °C to 35 °C, 35% to 80% RH
Shipping / storage temperature: 5 °C to 30 °C
Best before: 6 months from filling date

Cartridge Shipping & Storage

• The cartridge should be stored in vacuum sealed pouch until used.
• Use the cartridge within two weeks of removing it from vacuum sealed pouch for best
• Store the cartridge with a clip placed over the printhead. Nozzles up or horizontal.
• Refer to Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Cartridge Maintenance & Handling

• Use a lint-free cloth moistened with ethanol (> 98%) to clean the cartridge printhead.
• Holding the cartridge printhead face down, gently press the printhead on a lint-free cloth
to allow ink to wick out. Then, slowly and lightly wipe across the tip of the long edge.
• Do not shake the cartridge.

Ordering Information

Product number: 2780K42A
Product description: SoluJET® 2780K Print Cartridge

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
The company provides HydraJET® aqueous inks, SoluJET® solvent inks, RadiJET® UV curable inks, and SecuJET® security inks suitable for primary

and secondary packaging printing; label, mailing and ticket printing applications. The inks are supplied with both single use cartridge and bulk ink solution.

Mylan Group’s R&D team can also collaborate with customers to make custom ink formulations for a wide range of specialty applications.

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