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Mylan Group entered into royalty-free, worldwide TIJ 2.5

Mylan Group entered into royalty-free, worldwide TIJ 2.5 Technology License Agreement with Hewlett-Packard (HP®), Co. of San Diego, California under HP® Licensed Patents and HP® Confidential Information to make, offer for sale, sell, import, export, and among other, printers in the Field of Mail Addressing & Messaging, Optical, Retail Transaction, Industrial Products, and Transaction Printing.

HP® TIJ 2.5 Technology is based on thermal inkjet technology with 300 nozzles in two rows to produce ½-inch swath width. The HP® TIJ 2.5 cartridge has a native drop weight of about 29 nanogram with resolution of up to 600 dpi at jetting frequency up to 12 kHz. Mylan Group will employ its talents and resources to develop a high value, cost effective printer system for variable data printing to address the Field of Uses granted to Mylan Group under the TIJ 2.5 Technology License Agreement. Customized integration of tailored systems is now available for preview to selected, qualified end users. Please contact our sales associates for details.