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Mylan Group signed a distribution agreement with MSSC, LLC of Collinsville

Mylan Group signed a distribution agreement with MSSC, LLC of Collinsville, Illinois to distribute a number of printers for the industrial packaging market. The QM2 and the QM2-101 thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are based on the reliable Hewlett Packard® TIJ 2.5 technology. The QM7500 valvejet printer is a large character printer for printing on carton and porous surfaces.
The QM2 high resolution printers are compact, low maintenance systems. The QM2 is a stand-alone system while the QM2-101 allows the printhead to be mounted remotely. The QM2 systems are capable of printing a half inch (0.5”) swath of up to 600 dpi. The QM2 systems provide end users with the peace of mind – reliability, performance, and cost competitiveness. The QM7500 large character printer is a reliable “Plug and Print” system. The QM7500 printer is a complete, all-in-one system that is simple and quick to assemble, set up, and operate. The QM7500 printer boasts the highest value with the lowest cost per character of any printer on the market. The high resolution QM2 printers and the large character QM7500 printer are now available direct to end users at MyLan Group. Please contact our sales associates for details.